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spread awareness and promote inclusion and acceptance for all students

with books that acknowledge, inform and celebrate disabilities

Children learn about individuals who may be different from themselves by reading diverse books like the ones in The My Friend Series.  Books that encourage inclusiveness, empathy, and respect for all types of people. This series is perfect for anyone looking to add inclusive books to their libraries. 

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Easy for children to relate to and understand

Make connections and learn about others

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Choose which topics you discuss

What is the goal of the series?

  • PROMOTE understanding and acceptance for all students.

  • Give families and students with different abilities a voice in their schools and  communities.

  • Help classrooms and schools to make inclusion more widely understood and accessible.

  • Encourage the importance helping others and friendships.

  • Represent children with disabilities, so they see themselves in books, alongside their peers.

  • Advocate for ALL students. To make sure they are seen, understood, and celebrated.

  • Share strategies and activities that can help schools and communities become more inclusive. 

  • Empower children to advocate for themselves and their peers.

Reader's Guides

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Join us for an event!

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I highly recommend My Friend Eddie as a must read for any parent or teacher who has a child with autism.

The my friend series and the super 6 are truly amazing books that help children understand disabilities and promote inclusion!

My students loved this book for the younger students in our building. They loved the characters superpowers.

Love this book and the author! Always a great read and way to share with your children those that experience disabilities and how to react to them

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