The My Friend Series

The My Friend series was written with the hope of spreading awareness and promoting inclusion and acceptance for all students.

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       The My Friend Series was written  with specific features geared for teachers as they share the book with their students

(ages 4-8)

  1.  Written from a child’s point of view, which makes it easy for children to relate to.

  2. Written  below a third grade comprehension level, making it is easy for younger students to comprehend. 

  3.  The My Friend Series is written about the student first.  No disability "label" is mentioned in the text of the story.  This allows the teacher the discretion to choose the depth he or she would like to explore the topic with their children.

  4.  Each page of the book does not have to be read for the story to make sense.  This means the teacher can choose to read and discuss specific parts of the book that apply to his or her class.